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Fear not, you're in safe hands

We've been making websites since 1999 (and online casino sites since 2001) and we've always detested spam in all its forms from the start. We've just had a natural aversion to spammers, particularly as they cause considerable damage to the reputation of decent casinos and review websites such as ourselves. We've never spammed. We've never purchased e-mail lists. We always use double-opt-in (requiring e-mail confirmation) to confirm subscribers to our newsletters are valid. We don't intend to start spamming anyone now.

To join our mailing list, containing the latest game news, free money bonuses, promotions, etc. please visit our sister-site and subscribe from there. Our newsletters are free to receive and often geo-targeted so you receive special offers only available where you live. No worrying about excluded countries.

Cookies. I've heard about them. Enlighten me.

Cookies get a bad rep sometimes and it's most unjustified, given that cookies often help the user experience and don't provide websites with any information that they don't already have. That said, we still don't place any cookies on your computer because we don't need to store any of your personal information or have you log in to a secure area. The entire website is available without needing a secure login or remembering your details. So no cookies. From us.

You'll still get at least one cookie though, from who collect our overall stats (ie. which countries visit our website and via what type of device - PC, phone, Mac, etc.) but that's all they do. We've used them... forever now and we trust them.

I still have questions!

That's great! Get in touch! We'd love to receive any feedback from you - not just about our Privacy Policy or how we handle your information - but about anything that's on your mind. We're a friendly bunch, we think, so don't be shy. Ask us anything.

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